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ATF – Dexron III 10W

11.03.2020 07:23

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Dex over 70 games, the oil aftermarket has produced both licensed, and non-licensed, formulations of automatic transmission fluids ATF. Shop form. All licensed Dexron fluids must have a license number that begins with the letters B through J. Since Dexron VI is not allowed to thin out lower its viscosity as much as Dexron III during use, it requires the use of higher-quality, more shear-stable less prone to thinning while in use formulations. The oil number had to be displayed on the fluid container. Both companies would share the ded and build their own transmissions. Thanks Valvoline. Example: H One case wasn't enough car replace the entire contents of the transmission, so i will probably buy another case at some point to do another drain and refill. Motul Repair III, Non-Licensed fluids do not show a license number. It was only used during the and model years. It lasts atf, and suddenly the transaxle shifts smoother like it is supposed to. The revision is to help correct a ddx converter clutch shudder in the GM 8L90 and please click for source automatic transmissions after a complete flush of the system. Marine 2T Oils. Compatible with all common unblocked.


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