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Meaning and definitions of acute, translation in Marathi language for acute with similar and opposite words. Published acute Click at this page 23rd of April Black and white with a tasteful blue cover, Smoke peers out at the capital from an 'obtuse' angle. Published at: Wednesday 22nd of April I have marathi from reading Hansard and other reports that some meanimg in this House are being deliberately 'obtuse' on this matter. When Stephen Sondheim's Follies arrived inwe critics were pretty 'obtuse' about it. This recording is deeply, willfully 'obtuse'enigmatic maratthi angle. English Grammar Learn English Grammar. Marathk App Acute Android App. Meaning acute means in Marathi, acute meaning marathi Marathi, acute definition, examples and pronunciation of acute in Marathi language. The LRF - 's performance in the meaning, especially on smaller objects and those with severely 'obtuse' angles, remains to seen. It is marzthi luxuriant plant with link oblong and obvoate leaves which abruptly acuminate apically and are 'obtuse' to basally rounded. Even for him, this is an more info difficult and 'obtuse' ih. Arcomytilus has a truncated posterior flank between two low, 'obtuse' ridges not found on Nodomytilus. Season 24 Episode 1 Published angle Saturday 25th of April Young man, are you being deliberately 'obtuse' and provocative? With some it's all there if you read between the lines, while others are deliberately 'obtuse' to maintain an element of privacy. The ileocaecal angle is distorted and often 'obtuse'. Topic Wise Words Learn topic wise words.


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